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Avatar Bruno Garcia

App developed with Vue and Typescript

This app runs a online shop which sells 3 products

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A project made with:

Online shop

The app runs a online shop which sells 3 products.

The current prices of the products are the following:

Code         | Name         |  Price
CAP          | Cap          |   5.00€
TSHIRT       | T-Shirt      |  20.00€
MUG          | Coffee Mug   |   7.50€

The shop offering these discounts:

  • 2-for-1 promotions: Buy two of the same product, get one free, applied to CAP items.
  • Bulk discounts: Buying 3 or more of TSHIRT product, the price of that product is reduced 5%. E.g., if you buy 3 or more TSHIRT items, the price per unit should be 19.00€.

See in action

Buy some mock products.


Check out the source code.