Front-end Development

Bruno Garcia

I have worked in the Internet Industry since 1996. First as a web designer. Then I wrote markup languages with HTML & CSS. And finally, since 2013 I’m a software developer, mainly with Javascript.

I have a two-year degree in Computer Science and a three-year degree in Media and Communications.

I have worked for huge clients like Ventura24, Brand Union, Grupo Albenture, Emgrisa, ICS, Banco Popular, Grupo Lo Monaco, Capio Sanidad, NH Hoteles. And also with some amazing startups like Caravelo, Start Club,, Appgree, MeTheOne, El Armario de la Tele and

Currently, I’m working with ES6, Vue ecosystem (Vuex, Vue CLI, Vue Router, Vuetify), Sass, Jest, Sinon, Cypress, Git.

In the past I’ve worked with:

  • React ecosystem, RequireJS, jQuery, Backbone.
  • Unit testing: Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, Karma, PhantomJS.
  • UI Frameworks: Material UI, Bootstrap, Foundation, Refills.
  • Stylesheets: JSS, PostCSS, LESS, CSS.
  • Automation tools: Grunt, Bower.
  • Backend: PHP (Symfony and CakePHP), MySQL.
  • Mobile: PhoneGap and Android.
  • CMS: Wordpress and Prestashop.
  • Version Control: Subversion, CVS.
  • Accessibility Guidelines: WAI-AA and WAI-ARIA.

Astronaut's illustration and animation by Eva Santos